Toer Li



About Toer Li

When the hammer falls, we make sure you are the rightful winner!

Toer, (similar to Thor, pronouncing the ‘TH’ as ‘T’ only) having years of experience, personally involved in managing retail businesses; he understands vendors & purchasers’ situations and their concerns, how stressful things can be for both parties, and with full respect to the commercial industry, sales and leasing, he is tailored to smooth the process and deliver the best outcomes.

Born in Mainland China, Toer first came to New Zealand in 2003, like many hard working Chinese, he has enjoyed the time living & studying here; Toer gained double major degrees in Finance & Marketing from the University of Waikato Business Management Studies; he strongly believes that his deep affection to this country is the same reason why people fall in love with New Zealand, and the same reason people want to invest here.

Toer's aim is to build this bridge between the two parties, act as a mediator, internationally and domestically; he is honest, precise and handles issues with profession & efficiency, the win-win results is what he pursues for, both for vendors and buyers.

Toer is friendly & easy to talk to, his enthusiasm in soccer & snooker gives him the mental & physical strength, and it is the same passion he shares at work. Give Toer a call now, and let him help you to score your ultimate goals!